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Cooperazione culturale


Cooperazione culturale
Web Site of the Italian Cultural Institute in Malta

Cultural Cooperation

In the cultural field the bilateral relations between Italy and Malta are intense and dynamicand are managed by the Italian Cultural Institute of Valletta. They are based on the following Bilateral Agreements:
  • Cultural Collaboration Agreement, signed in Valletta on 28th July 1967 (a new Agreement was signed on 19th December 2007 and will enter into force after the fulfillment of the procedures established by the two countries);
  • XII Executive Programme of the Cultural Agreement for the years 2007/2009, signed in Malta on 1st February 2007.

The Italian Cultural Institute was founded in 1971 and its premises are in a historical 18th century building in the principle square of Valletta. The Institute constitutes an important point of reference in order to promote Italian culture and language and is recognized to be one of the most active actors in the local cultural life.

Its activity covers the following sectors: cultural events, grants of scholarships,access of Maltese citizens to Italian Universities, scientific and technological cooperation, training of teachers of Italian in the Maltese schools, relations with the Media and the local University, research and information services for the public. It owns a library of over 8900 volumes and has a videoteca of over 1450 video cassettes and DVDs.

The cultural events (over 50 every year) take place mostly in collaboration with Maltese Institutes (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, University of Malta, Heritage Malta, Manoel Theatre University Cultural Cooperative, Malta Cultural Institute, Gozo Cultural Council, Malta International Arts Festival).

University Cooperation
The University of Malta has agreements with 16 Italian Universities: L’Aquila, Bologna, Catania,Genoa, Lecce, Messina, Modena and Reggio Emilia, Naples, Palermo, Pavia, Perugia, Pisa, Rome St. Pio V, Trieste, Trento and Udine. 35 agreements with 35 Universities are in course in the sphere of the Erasmus/Socrates. Exchange of lecturers takes place every year according to the quota envisaged by the Executive Programme of the Cultural Agreement.

According to the bilateral Agreement on Cultural Collaboration (C.C.), the Italian Government has placed at the disposal of Maltese citizens the following monthly grants of scholarships to which others were added resorting to the V Italo-Maltese Financial Protocol (F.P):

Academic Year     2003-2004     183 C.C.    64 F.P.
                            2004-2005     183 C.C.    64 F.P.
                            2005-2006     183 C.C     70 F.P.
                            2006-2007     140 C.C.    (the F.P. is over)
                            2007-2008     140 C.C.
                            2008-2009     120 C.C.                                

In the course of the last years the percentage of scholarships in the scientific and economic fields, in the sectorof restoration and the management of museums has increased.

Other actors in the cultural field are the Bilingual Section within the St Martin's College/Chiswick House School and the "Societa’ Dante Alighieri", which organizes Italian language couses.